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Завдяки платі за землю місцевий бюджет Станично-Луганського району поповнився на понад 459 тис. грн.
Протягом січня 2017 року власники та орендарі земельних ділянок Станично-Луганського району перерахували до бюджету 459,1 тис. грн. плати за землю, що на 284,5 тис. грн. більше ніж у січні 2016 року. Із загальної суми надходжень платники – юридичні особи перерахували – 393,3тис. грн. і 65,8 тис. грн. сплачено фізичними особами.

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На семінарі у Станиці Луганській розповіли про кампанію декларування – 2017
Нещодавно в Станиці відбувся семінар для платників податків та громадян району за участі першого заступника начальника Станично-Луганської ОДПІ Надії Федоренко.

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Make The Most Of Your New I Phone With These Tips
The article beneath offers some terrific tips and info that will show you how to get probably the most out of an iphone application.

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Effective Ways To Reduce Weight By Shutting Down The Hungry Switch.
Our experts have actually all listened to Jim Gaffigan tear on Cinnabon for adding to America\'s weight problems, but even with their significant calorie count, we\'re totally incapable from standing up to those fabulous cinnamon rolls.

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Major Food Dominates The College Health And Nutrition Organization\'s Latest Event.
Nutritional realities are featured with each thing, however evaluations were mainly limited to try.

Besides the Intimidator, the Nighthawk, Afterburn and Rumbling Street need to certainly not be actually skipped.

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Grandes Logos, Grandes Vendas!
A primeira pista procurar companhia que no se limita exclusivamente ao trabalho de desenvolvimento e/ou gerao de sites.

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An Introduction To Clear-Cut Air Max 90 Advice
The new Le - Bron is huge step up in innovation and performance standards from his previous signature sneakers. Thie Pelamis device is made up of circular sections, hinged together to form a long snake like structure from which it gets its name. You might notice that if you give her a few weeks where you\'re not contacting her or playing any big part in her life, she\'ll act a lot more happy to see you. The JSF couldn\'t hold a candle to the Gripen in a turn, and aside from the max altitude advantage it appears the Gripen would out-climb and out-accelerate the JSF in most circumstances. Once you have come to the part of your BIOS that allows for overclocking, you should reduce the speed of your RAM, relative to the FSB.

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